December 4, 2023


Happiness and inner peace are not dependent on external circumstances or achievements, but cultivated through self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the practice of mindfulness.When we say we want happiness, we are also expressing a desire for inner peace. A peaceful mind is a happy mind. When our minds are at peace, we experience contentment, joy, and fulfillment. If you are thinking how to find inner peace with yourself, then this is for you.

Once upon a time, there was a group of best friends decided to have their annual reunion at the residence of their favorite chef, who had been a mentor to many of them during their culinary studies. They planned a surprise visit to the chef’s house and eagerly awaited the day of the gathering.When the day arrived, they were overjoyed to see their old friends and catch up on each other’s lives. As they reminisced about their culinary adventures and shared their personal achievements, they notice that some friends had become renowned chefs in fancy restaurants, while others had opened successful restaurants of their own. Each of them had taken a unique path in their careers and had also started their own families.

The chef graciously offered to prepare a special soup for everyone and went to the kitchen to prepare the soup. After some time, he returned with a smile, and brought the soup In a variety of bowls. Some bowls were made of fine porcelain, others were simple and unadorned, and a few were intricately designed with vibrant colors.

Curious, the friends wondered if the chef had chosen different bowls due to a shortage of the same kind. However, as they prepared to enjoy the soup, they noticed that everyone instinctively reached for the beautiful and expensive bowls, leaving the plain and ordinary ones untouched.

The chef observing their actions and saying, “Did you notice that you all picked the beautiful and expensive bowls, leaving the plain and ordinary ones behind?” The friends were realizing that they had been so focused on getting the best bowls that they hadn’t noticed the options or considered the significance of their  choices.

The chef continued, “Just like the bowls, the external appearance does not determine the true taste or value of the soup. Your obsession with the best bowls can be a source of dissatisfaction, problems, and unnecessary stress in life.”

The friends looked at the chef, waiting for him to explain the connection between their choice of bowls and the challenges they faced in life.The chef elaborated,” In life, the soup represents your experiences, relationships, and personal growth. The bowls, on the other hand, symbolize wealth, status, and material possessions. While it’s natural to desire the best bowl, don’t let that desire overshadow the true essence of life-the rich soup itself.” He emphasized that the quality of life isn’t determined by the appearance or the cost of the bowls but by the experiences, relationships, and personal fulfillment. Just as the choice of bowls didn’t change the taste of the soup, external factors don’t define the true value and meaning of life.

The story reminded the friends to appreciate the richness of life’s experiences, regardless of the external things. It encouraged them to focus on the nourishing and fulfilling aspects of life- the soup- rather than constantly seeking comparing themselves to others based on superficial criteria. From that day, the friends learned to cherish and enjoy life’s moments, relishing the soup that life served them in whatever bowl it came. 

a beautiful way to find inner peace and happiness

In life, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of external achievements, and circumstances that they hold the key to our happiness. We often forget that true happiness comes from within and that it’s not dependent on having a perfect life.Just like enjoying a bowl of soup, our focus should not solely be on the bowl itself.True happiness lies in our ability to see beyond the imperfections and challenges of life, finding inner peace and happiness. Being happy doesn’t mean everything around us is flawless or goes according to plan. It means making a conscious decision to look beyond the external circumstances and find joy within ourselves. It’s about accepting that life is imperfect and unpredictable, yet finding the inner strength and resilience to navigate through its ups and downs.

The happiest people in the world aren’t necessarily the ones who have the best of everything . They are the ones who have learned to make the best out of everything life presents them.True happiness is not determined by external factors, but their mindset, attitude, and ability to find joy and gratitude in the present moment.They have discovered that peace and contentment reside within them. They have learned to appreciate the simple pleasures. They have choosen to focus on what truly matters. We can find happiness by shifting our perspective in the midst of imperfections. If you are wondering how to find inner peace with yourself, choose to see beyond the external circumstances and feel a sense of peace and fulfillment within ourselves. Ultimately, the happiness lies in our ability to make the best out of every moment and find contentment from within.